Re: Help with newly diagnosed horse with PPID -- higher meds or different management?

Laura Caplins

If Dandy ends up getting too much sugar in his hay/rations/grass etc what is the response time between when he eats 'too much sugar' and when it shows up as discomfort in his body or feet? I am having a hard time identifying triggers for him and thus weighing different management choices. 

Also, I was clearly reading my hay analysis incorrectly. Thank you for the connection. If I am aiming for 10% or less of combined ESC and Starch and my hay comes in at 10.5% - 11% (MT is currently experiencing a MASSIVE hay shortage, and I am frankly shocked I was able to get hay this low) how dramatically bad is this hay? Clearly less than 10% is better, but how 'bad' is slightly higher hay? Im trying to understand the relative nature of increasing ESC/Starch numbers. Is it a exponentially negatively bad relationship after 10%? Linear relationship? Is 10% a tipping point?

Thank you. 

Laura C in Montana 2021

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