Re: Suddenly picky

Shera Felde

Hi, Jennifer-

I have the same problem (with several days of premixed supp's too). I've thrown away a lot since my other two can't eat Story's Thyro L. I've determined that her behavior is cat like. When I try a new carrier (alfalfa pellets this week- only 1 cup) I can interest her in the important supp's. She likes the flax too. The ones I don't think she'll eat, I syringe. Then, I may have to change the carrier again because she is bored and uninterested. It's ongoing. If your horse is on Prascend as Story is right now, that may be part of it. Story also just wants her hay. I've also wondered if the salt is part of her disinterest, so I try it both ways and hope she eats the loose salt that's out.
Shera Felde, Central Oregon, 2020

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