Is it safe for Khan try prascend/pergolide (Dr. Kellon please weigh-in thank you)

Jessica Gunderson

Hello, Is it safe to give a non-PPID horse prascend? While Khan x-rays are better she never stopped being sore and on Friday she went into another acute laminitis attack.  Given we are 7 months in and the EMS protocols don't seem to be helping her I was wondering if we could try prascend to see if it helps? I was listening to Dr. Debra Taylor on the humble hoof podcast talk about undiagnosable PPID and doing a necropsy of a horse who tested negative for PPID but the necropsy showed the horse had PPID, as well as reading multiple personal accounts on the FB laminitis pages I follow where horses tested negative for PPID, some of them several times but they did have PPID and treating it was the only thing that helped.  My vet will not do a stim test on Khan because she feels it is too dangerous for her (will trigger laminitis) so I was wondering if I could safely give prascend to Khan to see if it helps given we have the diet and trim under control and she has never stopped being foot sore. Thank you.
Jessica and Khan
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