Re: Is it safe for Khan try prascend/pergolide (Dr. Kellon please weigh-in thank you)

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

My reply just disappeared so trying again.


Your vet may be thinking of dexamethasone suppression rather than the TRH stimulation. TRH stim is safe and you can do it now.


We're very aware ACTH doesn't always test abnormal. The founder of this group had a mare like that. However, it's highly unlikely at her age and even if ACTH isn't up the mechanism is still high insulins and hers haven't been high enough for acute laminitis, although you should recheck.


Her trim was in such bad shape it's hard to picture that being corrected in only 3 months. Is she out of the appliances? Can you post photos? If she hasn't drained abscesses that would be my first suspicion. Pumping her full of bute every time you see a pain flare will prevent those collections from draining.

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