Re: Is it safe for Khan try prascend/pergolide (Dr. Kellon please weigh-in thank you)

Jessica Gunderson

Thank you Dr. Kellon. When I was working with Rood and Riddle they mentioned they were having three year olds come in with PPID so I was unsure of how age driven it is still thought to be.

The appliances were taken off August 25th. I will post new pictures and new X-rays which don’t look great for a normal horse but considering where Khan was in August I was on cloud nine, now this. Including the link as well here if that is of any help. No signs of new abscesses that I can discern, my farrier did discover one on Tuesday. He thought it was old but was never able to drain. She has heat and pulses in 3 legs, it was all 4 for awhile, which is terrifying because she has never had anything in the backs before. Temperature is 98.7 so not elevated. 
Jessica and Khan
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