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Hi Wilmary,
I’m glad you found your way here!  I read through your FB post and the comments it elicited.  I’m not sure what the take away from that would be - a good reminder of why, although I used to be very active on FB, I try to stay away now.  While I’m not the X-ray expert here, I feel I can safely say we’ve seen much worse.

Laminitic pain is not inflammatory so bute doesn’t do anything for that sort of pain.  It may help with associated stiff muscles and such but it’s not worth it with its associated risks.  It interferes with healing as well as with the mobilization of abscesses, which are likely to arise.  We recommend Devil’s Claw instead. I looked up the Absorbine product that Susan recommended.  It contains DC but also yucca, which we don’t recommend for a metabolic laminitis situation.  Uckele’s Phyto-Quench pellets contain DC but I understand they are on back order now.  I’ve seen other products containing DC recommended so perhaps doing a search on the messages here for “Devils Claw” or some iteration of that.  The most reliable way of controlling the pain is to eliminate its cause.

In the material Trisha sent, you will learn about DDT&E, something we refer to repeatedly.  The first D stands for diagnosis, which is where we need to start.  Until you have guidance from blood testing, it’s best to stick to the Emergency Diet (as I believe you are) with soaked hay or one with tested hay, below 10% ESC+starch.  You mentioned looking for the right vet before starting to test.  A good many of us are here because we never found that vet.  You obviously need one for testing and medication but no single vet is likely to have the depth of knowledge and experience with metabolic laminitis that this group has.  My experience has been that older, more experienced vets are perhaps more accepting of modifications to their protocol.  Be sure to have insulin, glucose and ACTH tested to get started.  And do what you can to obtain actual copies of the test results, as well as the vet’s interpretation.

Looking forward to seeing those additions to your case history!
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