Re: Is it safe for Khan try prascend/pergolide (Dr. Kellon please weigh-in thank you)


I would say absolutely!  Does she seem hungry enough to eat more?  Could you include some body shots in your album?  Those numbers are just guidelines, mainly geared toward keeping a horse at good weight.  It may be that some of the numbers you’ve used to calculate the hay are incorrect or that she just needs more hay.  Extra unneeded pounds on her body will just get in the way of whatever is being done to relieve hoof pain.  

I keep returning to the diagnosis part of DDT&E.  In my mind, this has not been completely resolved but someone else might feel more comfortable about it.  I can’t quite dismiss the possible involvement of the puncture wound, even though I’m not sure how it might have contributed.  From her breed and her elevated insulin, I have no doubts she should be treated as IR but the cause of the laminitis isn’t clear to me as the insulin hasn’t been high enough to trigger that.  


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