Alternate drug to Metformin

Kandace Krause

Hello all,
I stopped Metformin after approx. 2.5 - 3 months last late winter as getting horse to injest it was an impossible task and I (mis)understood that it should be used to get Insulin down, and then discontinued as it eventually becomes in effective.  
Today I have read in a post that it is "for life".
Was I mistaken in the reduced effectiveness of this difficult drug?
Also, I was speaking to a friend, pharmasist and horse owner, and he asked about using "Ozempic" a weekly injectable, instead of a daily 54 pill thing.
Has any research been done or started on this?  I have emailed him back to see if this drug is same class as Metformin but haven't heard back yet.
Kandace K
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2020

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