Re: Alternate drug to Metformin

Kandace Krause

Okay, that was my original understanding and when I stopped giving it, Metformin had performed a lot and until this fall we seemed to be winning. 

As the Seasonal Rise is over, and my only opportunity to test was September showing higher insulin and okay ACTH, what do I do now?  Dr Kellon had suggested upping pergolide, that scared me.  Now I see that it may be needed to increase again and again over lifetime and no adverse effects from that increase is likely.
Also, I could have hauled to get insulin test but thought it was  going to show a false higher level.  How do you balance that since I am struggling to get timely vet appointments now?  Is ACTH also so easily impacted by feeding, temperature, travel etc. as Insulin or is that the super sensitive one?
IMO, my horse travels well, she has hauled with out issue or accident for 11 years of my owning her, competing, conditioning etc.  We had about a month in her third year of riding when she started to object to getting on trailer, but we worked through that and she walks in easily now and up until 2020 Covid life halting events, she travelled apprx. once a week all summer long.  Am I being foolish to worry about this travel to vet in Insulin results?
Kandace K
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2020

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