Will he always have a potbelly with ribs showing? Will he always be sore?

Laura Caplins


I asked for help managing Dandy a few weeks back, and it was brought to my attention that my hay was not as appropriate as I had thought. I have now changed to a low sugar Teff hay at a ESC + starch of ~6.5% with just a touch (about 1/4 of the ration) of my old hay of ESC + starch of 11% (I could not buy enough of the Teff to last him a year, so hence a small amount of the other hay seems unavoidable). Hay is free choice. He has also been on Prascend since July. I however question if he is being medicated/managed properly as he still has what I now think of as a PPID look to him - potbelly with ribs showing and continues to be intermittently sore on his fronts. If his PPID is 'managed appropriately' can I expect this look to ever go away? What else can I do? How can I be sure the Prascend is working? As you know its a very expensive med to be giving him if its not working (and perhaps the money would be better spend on boots n pads?).

I just updated Dandys case history to reflect the change in hay and uploaded the Teff hay analysis.

Thank you for any suggestions. I am lost as to my next step. 

Laura C in Montana 2021


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