Re: New to the group, new to laminitis

Bobbie Day

I gave my mare 15g of extra DC in addition to the PQ, Dr. K said you can safely double or triple that. The capsules I got have 480 mg so you would need 31 of these to equal 15,000 grams.
(1500mg =15g). The anise you can get at the store usually, maybe the DC as well.
Some members have had good results with PEA, but I believe that takes awhile to work.
As Dr. K suggested I have had great luck with Uckele’s hemp product too.
Good luck, hang in there it is hard to see, maybe get some j herb like Dr.K mentioned as well, abscesses can be terribly painful and gut wrenching, I actually thought my gelding had broken a leg it was so bad but since I have balanced his diets we have not had one more problem (thank god).

Bobbie and Desi (over the rainbow bridge 7/21)
Utah, Nov 2018
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