Re: Is it safe for Khan try prascend/pergolide (Dr. Kellon please weigh-in thank you)

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jessica,

I'm going to assume the trim was done after the most recent rads - please let me know if that isn't correct.

Based on the rads, there were definite improvements to the trim from the last set of rads - the horizontal toe length had been brought back quite a bit; bony column rotation was corrected so her bony column alignment was good. Sole depth was borderline adequate; heels on the RF were still underrun, LF unchanged. The breakover still needed to be brought back further to place it where the bony column needed it to be. There were some shadows on the LF that could have been abscess pockets, which would have been trimmed into and you can see a spot on the toe area of the LF sole that was probably one of them.

After the trim, more of the laminar wedge has been removed but it doesn't appear as if the breakover was actually brought back further. There is evidence of the sole having been thinned - which wasn't warranted as there was absolutely NO extra sole available to remove. Her frogs and bars were also heavily trimmed, which again wasn't warranted. This over trimming is likely at least part of the reason she is continuing to be sore. If her heels were lowered relative to the height of the front half of the feet, then that would be impacting the palmer angles negatively as well. LF still has a lot of obvious laminar wedge material and disconnected lateral wall flare visible on the sole view.

It would be really helpful to see a full set of hoof shots - all four legs, please. The sole and dorsal shots you have are fine, just need true laterals (camera held lower, at the same height as the hoof capsule) with cannon bones included. Check here for more info:

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