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Annette, many companies do not offer the sugar and starch numbers for their products or if they do, it is an average of a group of bags that they had tested. So relying on those numbers is iffy, as many of us found out years ago when Triple Crown claimed Triple Crown 30% was 10% NSC or under. When some of the members here sent in samples because they had footsore horses on it, the numbers came back higher, sometimes significantly. That is because the different ingredients used in these products can have variances in sugar/starch due to growing conditions, etc. and companies do not test for that. 

It's why the group has very few safe feeds listed. 

If you want to still try to figure out what you are dealing with, you need to get the ESC numbers. Add them together for the NSC that we care about. 
For example, if you go to the Nutrena website, you need to look at the particular product you are interested in, click on it, then look to the right at guaranteed analysis. I picked their "Safe Choice" product since they market that as controlled starch. Click on the guaranteed analysis and look for the sugar and starch numbers.
The guaranteed analysis shows 5% sugar and..... 17% starch for an NSC of 22%.  Certainly not safe. But the marketing sounds nice.
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