Relevante Test Results Following Vet Visit - Question


I got Relevante's test results back following the vet's visit.  Dr. K had recommended waiting until the vet visit and subsequent test results [ and to see if his foot soreness resolved now that we are coming out of the seasonal rise]. My vet agreed his foot soreness appears to be gone at this point and he said I could ride/exercise him. He did however say that although the crest itself appears normal in profile, when he put his hands on either side of the crest he said he still felt some thickness. And somehow the boy managed to gain 15 lbs. [not sure how that's possible as he is practically an air plant now]. I assume it's due to his enforced downtime. The vet also said to continue soaking hay.

Here are his numbers through the rise concluding with those just taken...
June 2021 - 19.4 pg/mL
Nov 2021 - 24.4 pg/mL

August 5, 2021 - 44.74 ulU/ml
August 31, 2021 - 18.71 ulU/ml
Nov 2021 - 28.25 ulU/ml

Both ACTH and insulin have gone up. Since nothing has changed in his diet [as we are continuing to soak hay] is it plausible to think that because his ACTH is elevated [does this mean it is not controlled?] that it's driving the insulin up? And should I consider adding a 1/4 of Prascend tablet to his 2 mg compounded pergolide dose to see if that improves his numbers? And if so, when should I test again? Or do I just continue to monitor and get the exercise going again? His test results, record of vaccinations [he never has an adverse reaction to them] and his case history are loaded and up to date.

Beavercreek, Ohio
March 2018
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