Dr. Kellon - What to do? No DOMPERIDONE Testing

Suzanne and Pilgrim <suzannert@...>

I was going to do a domperidone test on Pilgrim in early January. I spoke to my vet yesterday and the necessary drug is not available in Canada. I’m not willing to submit Pilgrim to a dex-suppression test due to the possible risks. 

So I am at a loss about what to do about his dosing of Prascend. He is currently at 1 mg (full tablet) daily. He was considered borderline I believe…

Do I continue to give him Pergolide though he may not need it?  Reduce to a lesser dosage?
I’ve downloaded screenshots of his ACTH/Glucose/Insulin values for September and October in my photo album.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance,



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