Re: Cool Stance Copra and Micronized Linseed /Linseed Meal/Linseed Oil


Michele, I would stay with regular flax. There are other suppliers of flax , such as Custom Equine Nutrition.
Omega-E – Custom Equine Nutrition
Horse Tech- discount for ECIR members
NutraFlax (
Manna Pro- could check with company to obtain a larger size if needed.
Flax for Horses | Ground Flaxseed for Horses | Flaxseed Benefits for Horses (
Cool Stance is coconut meal, and I don't think it has the Omega 3 profile you are trying to achieve with feeding flax. I'm not really familiar with it so I might be wrong, but it's nutritional claim is that it provides medium chain tryglyceriides.  Micronized Linseed from British Horse Feeds is sold through Emerald Valley, the distributor of Speedi Beet.  Since we have typically used cold milled flax which preserves the fragile Omega's , I'm having a hard time believing that chopping, grinding and cooking linseed, then drying it to a flake to ship preserves the Omega 3's in the same manner. I also can't find the amount of 3's in the product, they simply list 3,6, and 9.  It also only has a shelf life of six months, compared to two years for flax. 
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