Need comments on new X-rays showing more rotation, was Trim & Booting Advice Needed for Khan

Jessica Gunderson


I need help with trimming and booting for Khan to get her more comfortable.  Also happy to pay for an additional mark-up. Unfortunately my vet cancelled x-rays today which I was hoping to have when I started this topic but I will get new x-rays as soon as I can.  I also need to upload new front laterals (was planning to do that when we took x-rays).  I currently have soft rides with lamanitic gels (frog support cutoff) which she seems to like the best.  I also have easy boot cloud and stratus but I usually use this 20mm rubber insert in them, she does not seem to like these as well. I also have equine fusion boots but I have not used them, I have an insert that kind of takes the form of the hoof that I think I could use in them.  Am open to any boot or pad that is just what I currently have at home to work with.

As far as trim while she has definitely improved since September, she has never become fully comfortable and resists movement. Friday, November 19, she became quite a bit more sore and has not improved since then.

Thank you.
Jessica and Khan
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