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Maria Duran

On Wed, Dec 1, 2021 at 06:32 PM, celestinefarm wrote:
  Micronized Linseed from British Horse Feeds is sold through Emerald Valley, the distributor of Speedi Beet.  Since we have typically used cold milled flax which preserves the fragile Omega's , I'm having a hard time believing that chopping, grinding and cooking linseed, then drying it to a flake to ship preserves the Omega 3's in the same manner. I also can't find the amount of 3's in the product, they simply list 3,6, and 9.  It also only has a shelf life of six months, compared to two years for flax. 

If it is of some help, I contacted BHF about their cooked linseed to ask for the omega 3 content and they said " Omega-3 content is about 55% of oil. There will be some loss due to heating."

I don´t believe the loss is too much based on the studies about omega 3 loss with heating, how much loss, I don´t really know.

About the two years of shelf life, do you mean the seed? I think once it is grinded shelf life reduces considerably due to fat exposed to air. Don´t know if heat can stabilize oxidation and hence rancidity.

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