Re: Cool Stance Copra and Micronized Linseed /Linseed Meal/Linseed Oil


Hi Maria,
Thank you for the information. Almost all the providers of stabilized ground flax here in the states guarantees a shelf life of two years on their flax. They use a "cold" type of processing, in which slow grinding is used to not create excessive heat during that process. Of course, any product that is opened , then left open to air, or damp in a barn is going to go rancid quickly. It's why I think people encounter their horse "suddenly" doesn't like their supplement or refuses to eat it, it's because it's based in flax that's gone rancid..  I try to order what I need for a month , two months at the most, to avoid rancidity. If I do have to open a big bag, such as a supplemental feed or flax,, I remove what I can use in a week or two into another container, then close up the bag tight and keep it in a trash can somewhere with stable temps. 

I"m not sure what BHF is saying with the 55% of oil . I think people want to know how much Omega 3 is in a recommended serving of product.
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