Re: New Case Embarr

Andrea Thomason

Hi Kirsten, 

Thank you for the reply. 

Yes he was on pasture but he also had a change of hay due to the batch being heavily loaded with foxglove.  We had to move him to an untested meadow hay and Haylage (this was tested).  Embarr had never had Haylage before that date…..

Yes it’s his right front hoof.  I did suspect an abscess as he was hoping on one leg.  He did have pulses in all four feet back in June time with the high insulin levels. Is it possible they experience abscesses after a IR/Lami episode?

if I try him on the dry hay is there a minimum time period I should run with before testing and do I break the rule of changing slowly from wet to dry with an instant change please? 

sorry for all the Q and I hope you’re right in the abscess front.

many thx,

Andrea Thomason 
Cheshire, UK
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