Re: Need comments on new X-rays showing more rotation, was Trim & Booting Advice Needed for Khan

Sherry Morse

Hi Jessica,

I'll be very blunt here and you may not like it but with the collected years of experience we have on this group we have not found that a horse will experience more damage from being out of boots for the time needed to take x-rays or pictures.  Nor will they be injured by using nerve blocks for x-rays or trims.  As your horse's voice you need to be willing to advocate for her and if your current vet is not willing to do what is needed you may well need to find another one who is willing to work with you if at all possible.

I do realize that finding a new vet (or any vet) can be impossible in certain areas so you may need to deal with the vet you have and in these cases you may have to be wiling to tell the vet that you are the owner and you want to do this because the only other option is putting the horse down and you're not willing to do that just because the vet won't work with you. 

I've been there/done that and it's tough to do but when it's literally life or death you do what you need to do.  In my case it was telling the vet I wanted her to prescribe Dex for my mare's COPD (this was prior to her developing PPID) because the vet was worried about the risk of laminitis.  I said if we didn't try it I was going to put her down rather than watching her struggle to breath so given a choice between death and it might work the vet agreed.  Scarlet lived another 6+ years, did develop PPID 4 years later and never had laminitis so that was the right call for her at that time.

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