Re: Need comments on new X-rays showing more rotation, was Trim & Booting Advice Needed for Khan

Bobbie Day

We’ve all been there with our vets resisting to do what’s necessary, hopefully Dr. K will chime in but my little mare was in pretty bad shape too and the nerve blocking didn’t add to her troubles. Remember as hard as it is, you and you alone are your horses advocate. There are many here (including myself) that had to pick up a rasp and get it done. This isn’t a easy journey for sure but it’s doable. Lavinia can help guide you. As for taking the boots off if you get a nice thick pad like a yoga mat or one of those cushy pads you can buy to stand on it will help her.
You learn to make adjustments for them, sometimes we just have to put our thinking caps on and get creative , there’s many ways to make it easier on her but what it comes down to is you can’t get the help you need without good X-rays.

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