Michele and Odyssey - new laminitis diagnosis


On 8 Nov 2021 Odyssey was diagnosed with laminitis and on 16 Nov 2021 x-rays confirmed rotation.  8 Nov - Vet had me stop feeding Tribute Wholesome Blends balancer and to use Platinum Performance Wellness, Metabolic Support and Thyro-L and soaked hay (analysis in case history).  16 Nov - Vet said it was ok to add back in the Outlast and soaked beet pulp/alfalfa timoty cubes to make the supplements more palatable.  The Vet has him cast with NANRIC Ultimate pads with Advanced Cushion Support, which are visible in the x-rays.  When I got the hay analysis back I stopped soaking because the ESC+Starch were less than 10 (8.5) - Equi-Analytical analysis.

- I'm concerned that the angle of the pads is too aggressive? After 3 weeks in them he is still really lame, if not worse.
- I had Mad Barn do an analysis of the hay (2021-12-07 MB MicheleCardenas-JustHay-1stCut2021) and current supplements (2021-12-07 MB MicheleCardenas-Odyssey_-_Current_Diet).  They recommended their AminoTrace+ (2021-12-07 MB MicheleCardenas-Odyssey_-_Optimal_Diet).  I think some of the nutrients with AminoTrace+ end up out of balance and I would be better off with just a copper/zinc/selenium supplement? or maybe Vermont Blend?
- With the potassium levels, should I not have Potash put on the hay field next year?
I still need to take pictures, but he has lost 80 pounds in a month, is this weight loss to fast?

I am so glad I found this forum.  Thank you all so much! I'm learning a lot and a lot more to learn to help my poor boy.

Michele in Ohio, 2021
Case History: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Michele%20and%20Odyssey
Photos/Xrays: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/album?id=270655

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