Re: Elevate Vitamin E Concentrate Powder


I've used Elevate many times over the years and am finishing up a container now. 
. IF you cannot for whatever reason feed capsules, or water soluble Vit E, and your horse is otherwise controlled, then this amount of dextrose, IMO, not a significant amount.  If someone gave me containers of Vit E, especially natural which is difficult to get right now, I wouldn't refuse or regift them if I had all other facets of my horses' diets well controlled.

From the KPP website concerning Elevate's sugar content

  • A scoop of Elevate Maintenance Powder contains 1,000 IU of natural vitamin E and 5 grams of sugar. This is a very small amount of sugar. For comparison, one medium apple contains 15 grams of sugar and one cup of chopped carrots contains 6 grams of sugar. Supplementation with Elevate Maintenance Powder does not significantly increase the level of sugar in your horse’s diet and is appropriate to feed to horses on a low sugar/starch diet.

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