Chronic Lyme Diagnosis



I recently had Bucky's tested for Lyme disease because he was just having too many symptoms for them all to be related to his IR diagnosis. Turns out I made the right call because he has chronic Lyme disease. He also had a laminitis flare up despite being well managed, which is what really convinced me to test especially since he was negative for PPID. At this point I'm also wondering if maybe the IR was a misdiagnosis all along and it's been Lyme (from reading messages on here from my understanding there is a link between the two).

I have updated his Case History and added some new PDFs of bloodwork and test results etc. Interestingly, when I had a CBC run back in May his Lymphocytes and Platelets were low and his WBC was lower on the range, from reading more I'm wondering if this was an indicator of Lyme that my previous vet just didn't see. My new vet seems familiar with Lyme and her first suggestion was treating with doxycycline but she is willing to order minocycline for me instead if I choose to go that route (which is what I'm thinking I will do). I've read through messages on here by doing a search for 'lyme' but would like some more guidance for treatment.

I know antibiotics are hard on the gut and want to make sure I do everything I can to protect Bucky's gut. He currently gets GUT by Uckele and Immubiome Lean Muscle to help. Is this going to be enough gut and immune system support while he is being treated? Is there anything else I should be adding to support him? Any advice or information relating to chronic Lyme would be super helpful as well!

Thank you in advance!

Kinsey & Bucky in GA 2020

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