Re: Chickpeas- safe Horse treats?


There are several safe treats we know about: Beet-E-BitesStabul Nuggets available from Chewy, and Uckele Equi-Treats. Are you feeding a whole ounce at a time? Or just a few? How much starch in an ounce? Here's more information on treats from Files that you may find helpful:

Using 2 grams of sugar alone as ESC, these chickpeas still have more carbs than the combined ESC and Starch of 1.7 grams in an ounce of Nuzu Stabul1 and the Stabul treats. This is according to my own analysis of a 10 bag lot of Nuzu Stabul1 in 2018.

Assuming the starch in chickpeas is reasonable -- it could be a resistant starch that is safe for EMS horses -- a few chickpeas would probably be fine. We  need to train ourselves to have a very light hand while treating our metabolic horses. My mares are thrilled with a single treat the size of one or two chiclets. 

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