Re: Chronic Lyme Diagnosis


Kinsey -

In terms of treating chronic Lyme, which my PPID horse has had since I've owned him (14 years):

After many years treating him on and off with doxy and tetracycline, with minor improvements and ongoing high Lyme titers, my vet suggested a 30-day minocycline regimen followed by a shot of the canine Lyme vaccine. HUGE difference. Now he just gets the canine Lyme vaccine 2x a year, and his Lyme titers are down in normal range. I don't know why the vaccine works to bring down his numbers and help resolve his Lyme symptoms, but it does, and it only costs $40 per shot, vs. the huge amount I spent on doxy, plus all of the worry about what the antibiotics were doing to his belly. 

It's off-label use, but most vets here use it for horses, and I've never heard of any bad reactions to it.  
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