Re: Sherry and/or Martha. Continued confusion about testing in Canada (TSH/Domperidone)

Suzanne and Pilgrim

Hi Martha,

See my vet’s response below following my enquiry…

« TRH is the gold standard test for evaluating the axis but it is not available and that’s where the older references to domperidone etc come up in the ECIR group discussions. I will leave this with Dr….,, to continue working on sourcing the meds for testing and some ideas on costs.


Certainly rechecking his endogenous ACTH levels in the spring would be advised as his elevation was borderline this fall and could have been seasonal. »

I’m hoping we can get this done sooner than later with my vet. 

When would you say would be the latest to take Pilgrim off Pergolide for 3 weeks. I’m hoping researching doesn’t take too long…



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