Re: Need comments on new X-rays showing more rotation, was Trim & Booting Advice Needed for Khan

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jessica,

Who is saying there is new rotation and how are they determining that?

There has actually been a slight improvement in the RF bony column alignment and the LF is about the same as in the 12-02-2021 rads; sole depth is about the same as it was; sinking hasn't changed either. The last rads were taken with Khan in boots and wedged pads, which distorted the way things actually looked at that time. The laminar wedges are a trimming problem that needs to be addressed.

Trim has removed a bit of the bulbous laminar wedge but hasn't really actually moved the breakover back. It appears as though there has been some material removed from the bars and sole - which should NOT be happening.

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