Returning to ridden work



I am happy to report that Cadet has had no evidence of hoof pain for six months and my trimmer thinks I can start riding him.  It's been almost two years since I last rode him, partly due to the pandemic, but mostly because of persistent hoof discomfort after a bout of laminitis in October of 2020.  I had some questions about returning him to work.

Is it recommended to repeat radiographs first?  He has been hand walked a lot in straight lines and is very willing to gait and trot, even on pavement (I stop him after a few strides).  I plan to apply Scoot boots for any riding outside of our sand arena.  Is lunging him still not recommended?  He is generally pretty easy going, but I anticipate that on some days he will need a little groundwork to focus.

I firmly believe that he would never be able to take this step without the group's help and advice.  I am very grateful!
October 2018
Island County, Washington, USA
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