Re: WAS Diagnosing Winter Laminitis - When is it time/Scotty?

Frances C

Siting in the barn watching Scotty shifting, shifting, shifting and wondering if it is now time to end his life. Such an old boy, he has been privileged to have you as his carekeeper. I am not an advocate for keeping any living animal alive to suit human purposes. Sooner or later you are going to grieve over your beloved pony - and that is something out of your control which belongs to the Almighty. Not just for you Deb. but for all of us how long do we also suffer watching and wondering "what should we do?" Looking back in retrospect there were times when I waited too long and it served no purpose. I am quite sure that horses like Burns mouse is "blessed compared with me, the present only touches thee, but backward I can cast my eye on prospects drear and forward tho I canna see, I guess and fear."
- Frances C.
December 2017, Washington & California
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