Re: Ertugliflozin - (SGLT2) Inhibitors

Maxine McArthur

Karen, if you ask your vet to draw blood for a non-fasting insulin test (Faith can have hay up to the time of test but no pellets/grain--see here DDT +E – Diagnosis | ECIR Group, Inc. (, scroll down the page for insulin test protocol), she can send it to Idexx, Vetnostics, Gribbles, or even Charles Sturt Uni at Wagga for the test. Without testing what Faith's insulin is doing currently, on her current diet, I would not use any SGLT2 inhibitor as you don't know whether she needs it or not and the horse really needs to be tightly managed in a number of ways on these drugs.
For example, you are feeding an assortment of supplements--are they targeting deficiencies in her hay? As you have the hay analysis, you can ask one of the ECIR balancers to calculate what supplements she actually needs. 
If her insulin levels are high--which you'll only know by testing--you might be able to tighten her diet. (for example, have you tried soaking the hay to see if that helps?) 

But the first step is diagnosis. Without a baseline insulin level, you won't have an objective measure to know if what you are doing is actually bringing her insulin down. We understand it's hard sometimes dealing with vets--but hopefully you can just say that you want the non-fasting insulin done for your peace of mind. 

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