Re: Fasting glucose test


  Thank you. If the vet had agreed to a non-fasting test I would have gotten a time later in the day at least 4 hours after the first feeding also in the hope that the mare would be easier to draw blood from after a few hours of turnout. She does not like vets and needles. A nightmare to get her sedated in June 2019 when she got her teeth done. Got three doses, the first in a muscle because she was so worked up,  the next 2 in the blood. Also got a vaccine and the farrier was here just before the vet and all that combined triggered her laminitis ( I found this group after searching for a link between vaccine and laminitis). They probably should get a tetanus (and flu-shot) now, and teeth checked, but I'm not sure I dare.
  As said I sent him your guidelines, but was told that they follow never guidelines/recommendations from the lab and a large group of vets.
  I fed them for the night an hour ago and his hooves are a lot less hot and only a very "weak" pulse even though the leg was angled back. The last couple of days it has been "strong" in the evening and morning even on a vertical or slightly angled forward leg. But no heat or pulse in the afternoon after turnout. I started soaking his haylage 32 hours ago, maybe that's was has helped.
  So a fasting test where I'm giving them glucose 60-90 minutes before blood is drawn is better than no test?
   June 2019

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