Re: Question re: starting timothy cubes


Hi, Robyn.
You don't mention if he's an easy keeper who inhales his food or a thin older horse you're trying to keep at a good weight. IMO four pounds isn't too large a quantity to feed at one time to a horse. It's forage, not grain, so the 2 lb limit doesn't apply. 

If your horse is overweight and is gobbling down the cubes, you may need to make adjustments to slow his consumption. 

As for the rate of substitution, keep an eye on your geldings weight once you reach your target of 11-12 pounds of cubes/day. I've analyzed ODTBC three times, and each time, the Digestible Energy (calories) has been comparable to our local grass hay. The  cubes are more highly digestible than our hays, so horses may extract more calories from them. That's going to vary by individual.
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