poop eating


My PPID gelding is now eating horse poo.  He's had soft stools for months and we've been trying a different things. He was on psyllium for six weeks with no change, then we tried Absorb-All (gave him diarrhea).  The last thing my vet suggested was taking him off hay altogether and putting him on the TC cubes only for 6 weeks.  His stools were inconsistent. Sometimes almost normal, then very soft and wet.  We didn't see real consistent improvement on the cubes so I slowly started to introduce grass hay back in to his diet two weeks ago. His stools started to look better with the hay but now they are real soft again.  He's getting two pounds of grass hay four times a day along with the soaked TC cubes.  But now he's eating horse poo!  Has anyone else dealt with this? He's driving me crazy. 
October 2020, Mendocino County, CA

Case History: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Angie%20and%20Jacob
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