Re: New Radiographs added

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Dawn,

Agree with Sherry's assessment. Toes are still too far out ahead of where they need to be. LF heel is slightly too low which is making the HPA broken back. Significant sinking present in both but sole depth is borderline OK, although with nothing to spare. RF has extensive arthritic changes and bone remodeling along with complete fusion of P2 and P3. LF also showing some arthritic changes.

Soft Ride boots are a good rehab type boot with a supportive, elastomeric gel insert. The pads have a raised frog support and are wedge-shaped, which can be helpful or not depending on individual circumstances. The frog support can be shaved off and the pads cut level for horses who do not need wedging and/or who cannot tolerate the frog pressure they provide. Based on the rads, Dalli doesn't need the wedge but might appreciate the overall support the pads can provide once they are adjusted for his situation.

Would be helpful to see a full set of hoof pix as well.

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