Re: Seeking help for my pony

Mandy Charmam

Thank you so much for all of this. 

Hay has been tested and I can upload results. Apparently, according to Carol Layton  nutritionist suitable but low in all minerals etc. I have been following Lami crises diet but adding in two handfuls of zero and about four handfuls of Lucerne.. I can stop this. I am concerned about his weight as he is losing muscle and looks underweight . He is 29 and 9hh Shetland. 
I know Carol Layton a nutritionist so wondering if I get her to check diet...or is this something U guys do? 

I am waiting for x-rays to be emailed from farrier so will upload them when they arrive. Advice about trim would be good. Farrier said to go to vet to get a Venn something to check blood flow. While he's left fore has worse rotation he is actually a lot more sore on the right fore.  This is a reverse of previously.  I think farrier  worried this may be obstruction of blood flow ...

Yes he is booted. This appears to help but he is still super sore ..this has been going on for sometime now and I'm at a loss for cause as there has only be slight improvement since I restarted pergolyte 4 months ago. He is in dirt yard with minimal grass. This is part of his lane system but concern about grass meant I have fenced it off. 

Should I get vet back to do testing again ? Along with this Venn thingy ...

I'm not very techy. So all the uploading may be an issue. I'll see what I can do.. 

Mandy C, Macedon Australia, 2022
Mandy C, Macedon Australia, 2022

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