Re: Seeking help for my pony

Mandy Charmam

hello - he is 190 Kgs... 

I'll go and weigh his feed now so i can tell you how much I am feeding. I have also reached out to Carol . I had arragned her to do this for me earlier in the year but then didn't follow through due to variou slife crises and COVId madness..
anyway can change that now. I imagine I weigh hay before I wet it - dumb question do you even weigh hay?  

I will arrange vet to come although right now I have Covid so will need to wait until I'm out of isolation. 

boots are fusions - are too big but I use pads - they look a bit like he is wearing his bigbrothers gumboots. I usually cut up a yoga mat (4 cm wide) but have just run out so am using the foam jigsaw puzzle squares and putting two in - not as good as yoga mat. 

I will see if I can set up a case file for him. 

thanks for support.

Any idea where I can get Ukele phyto-quench in Australia - looks like a great product. it would be great for my mental heal;th to be able to give him something for the pain. I can try my feedmerchant - they do have a big line in herbals. when I searched in Australia though I couldn't see any mention of this. We are often behind everyone else in these things.. 

Mandy C, Macedon Australia, 2022

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