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Thank you for this information. I am working with some horses in Texas that are having serious health issues and are eating timothy grown in California. 



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All of you feeding irrigated hay or hay grown during a period of drought should have it checked for nitrates.  I was just reviewing a California hay sample that had almost 10,000 ppm. Nitrates are the form of nitrogen the plant needs to manufacture amino acids. If the plant is stressed, protein production slows greatly and nitrates pile up.

A less common cause is excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer or heavy manure application for several years.

Clues you may have high nitrates:
- irrigated hay
- crude protein (actually only measures nitrogen) 12% or higher in grass hay
- elevated crude protein despite potassium below 2% (indicates mature hay)

Nitrate interferes with thyroid hormone production and oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. It worsens hoof pain in hooves already compromised.

For hays below 0.5% (5000 ppm) supplement double the usual iodine.
Hays over 5000 ppm must be soaked to lower nitrate level. Always retest after soaking.
Eleanor in PA 
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