Re: Lavinia please would you look at Lillie's latest Xray & front feet problem please

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Carrie,

I'm sure Lavinia will correct me if I'm wrong.  The bevel is where the hoof is no longer in ground contact standing on a hard flat surface.  It is created from rasping the bottom of the hoof, usually at about a 45 deg angle but you can round it off.  At the toe it should start where the tip of the coffin bone projects to the ground, which you can approximate from your newest xrays.  You can study where Lavinia put the breakover on your 2021 markups to see this relationship.

The heels need to come down to straighten out the bones in her feet.  You can see how the joint between the coffin bone and the short pastern bone buckles forwards in the xrays, but this joint should form a nice straight line with no buckling forward or backward.  The forward buckling puts excess pressure on the tip of the coffin bone because it causes the coffin bone to stand up right (or more on its tip) and the weight on the tip contributes to the loss of bone and remodeling.  You only want to lower the heels enough to straighten out this joint.

It looks like the air pocket on the RF will grow out nicely if you carry on.  The main thing is that the wall outside of the air pocket is not in ground contact now, so there is no leverage on it causing it to split farther up the hoof wall.

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