Updated information and photos on Fizzie - advice on trim / feed /pain relief

Mandy Charmam

Its taken me a little bit to get everything done. 
I have now updated Fizzie's case history and thank god his ACTH is now much lower. - https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Mandy%20and%20Fizzie
He is still suffering badly though from laminitis. Bought him some Cloud boots which has helped.

I have attached photos of his feet from all the various angles. Sorry if they are not all great quality. It was very difficult to get him to lift particularly his LF. My trimmer is very open to suggestions of improvement.
Vet has Ok-ed bute 2 ml per day and panadol. i wanted to check this though as you might have better idea. I am also giving him Devils Claw. 
He is a dirt yard with lots of hay to soften footing . 

I have also got his feed analysed, I haven't had a chance to action this yet so the feed that is listed in his case history is what I am currently feeding. I can attach the nutitionist recommendations if that is appropraite. (The recs are from Carol Layton) 

On another note, the vet suggested my clydie might be EMS/IR. She mentioned a fasting test and some type of treatment that is new. I can get more info about this as I'm sure you guys mentioned the condition can only be managed through enviro factors. anyway, thought I'd ask. I thought I'd find out more from her. 

Will look forward to hearing back 

warm regards


Mandy C, Macedon Australia, 2022

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