Re: Fish scale for weighing hay??


I use an antique platform scale now.  I formerly used a Berkley digital fish scale from Amazon.  The one linked below may or may not freeze the weight the first time you measure with it.  There was a setting that allowed you to slowly add more hay, but it may not be available on the newer manufactured versions.

  In any case, I find the platform scale to be much, much easier to use because it is hard to add hay to a hanging container because the straps from which you are hanging the container get in the way.  Often I would have to take the hanging basket down in order to add more hay.

The platform scale is not as accurate as the fish scale (though the fish scale could be a little erratic too), but using it has made life so much easier.  There are new digital platform scales available, but they are not cheap.  And most of them would require you to have a table to weigh on because the weight displays on the platform that is underneath the hay container.  My antique scale has an 18 inch or more tall riser with the weight dial on a stalk that is above the hay container so that I can see it without getting down on the floor.

I also use TrugTubs in the largest size to weigh out between 14 and 19 pounds of hay as a feed for a 24 hour period.  The TubTrug weighs about 5 pounds (I think the digital scale said between 4 lbs 13 oz and 5 pounds, depending on the weight of the hanging strap. (I eventually started using short bungee straps instead of baling twine, which was easier.)

I cannot emphasize enough how much easier and quicker the platform scale is to use after spending 5 years weighing with a fish scale.  And the Trugtubs (largest size available) are soft and conform to the shape of the flakes, unlike muck buckets which are round and stiff and will not elongate to take a flake without breakung it down.  It is true that I have to guesstimate when dividing the day's hay into 3 or 5 separate feedings, but I think I am pretty good at getting the portions equal.  I am working with 3 string orchard grass bales that weigh about 105 pounds each.  The flake size from these bales fit great into the TubTrugs. 

My fish scale below.  Read the reviews and questions and answers to determine if you can add weight.

Gail Russell 8/30/2008 .

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