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I have been ordering 5mg capsules from Wedgewood for almost a year now. They were not my first choice but I have also been struggling with getting a vet to work with me on this stuff and that was one of the pharmacies he was familiar with.

I have had to have some "interesting" conversations with Wedgewood from time to time.  What I found is you have to be polite and persistent.  I think they operate out of more than 1 location and that may be part of why you get some occasional confusion on the part of whomever you are speaking with.   I won't go into all the confusion here, but it seems to be one of those times when you need to "ask for a supervisor". 
It was a pain, but I eventually got 5 mgs ordered. 

They have not been the easiest to work with, but I have to work with my vet as well, so I keep muddling through.  Let me know if you could use some additional information from me like my address to see if they can find my prescription and duplicate it for you. I can send you a pm.

On another note, Prascend must do a heck of a job "marketing" to vets, because most vets respond with almost the exact same verbiage on why you have to use Prascend and why your horse should only need 1 or 2 tabs of it.  It is incredibly frustrating, and can be actually detrimental to the horse.
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