Re: Trailering to vet Dr Kellon Please


I sent an email on 2/4/22 to Whitney Mathes at Rood snd Riddle in KY. I followed up on 2/9. No reply. I called her on 2/15 and was told she was in emergency and would return my call. I still have not heard back. I am running out of Prascend so need to order something. My vet called in 3mg pergolide in apple flavored water when I asked for capsules. He said he does not have time to call R&R. Was upset I did not want 3 mg water tincture. So I am still waiting but cannot afford to run out of Prascend and the water tincture is much more expensive than oil or capsules at Wedgewood.  So I am stuck at this point just trying my best to take care of my almost 8 month in foal mare. She is doing quite well. Still has bulges above her eyes when she eats and for a while after. Her feet are growing and she walks barefoot all over her turnout. Her demeanor is alert and interested. Good appetite but picky about her hay. She does not feel as good as she did before all of this but I feel could be from being bred. She feels good enough to boss the geldings around snd lunge at them if they do not mind. She never bites or kicks. Just strong body language and energy. 
Janet and Chicy
Chester SC

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