Prascend Dosage Increase

Sherry LaMarche

It's been awhile since I've had a Cushings horse,  and I've brought in
a 29yr old Thoroughbred as a foster for winter from the local Rescue
near me.  I'm used to Pergolide where I could ramp up and ramp
down with the seasons, but this horse is on Prascend.  I just tested
her ACTH level as she was thrushy on all 4 hooves and in pretty
rough shape.  Her level was 228.0 pg/mL.  My vet suggested
doubling her Prascend and retesting to see how that affected it.
I'm wondering what the group would suggest as she already
doesn't want food in the am.  Would you double all at once or
perhaps do a 1/4 increase per week?  She's also on previcox which
doesn't help her gut, and we've added slippery elm and aloe when
we switched her off senior sweet feed.  Suggestions?  Does APF still
help with the veil?

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