Khan: advice for positive S. Fayeri test result

Jessica Gunderson


EPM test for Khan came back negative but positive for S. Fayeri (result was 8 without units).

For background I requested the test because Khan has some muscle wasting and sometimes her symptoms seem like they may not be entirely contributable to ongoing laminitis. Hard to explain but sometimes she seems almost a bit shaky, walks up on her tippy toes with very short movements like a ballerina, widens the walking stance of her back feet though not entirely straight, kind of goes off to the side in her back feet, her resistance to movement and gait compensations seem like they are driven by something outside of her front feet and possibly more like a soft tissue lameness then a bone issue, again apologies its hard to explain without seeing her but long story short that is why I requested the test as she mildly reminded me of a TWH/MFT cross I knew that had EPM. I do think some muscle wasting from inactivity is to be expected and she has developed thrush in all 4 feet (quite bad in the back) so some abnormality is to be expected but still I wanted to rule EPM out as an unwanted complication.

First question is can protozoal infections such as S. Fayeri contribute to or worsen laminitis or lameness, and if so what would the symptoms signs be in these horses considering she definitely had laminitis?

Second question is should she be treated and if so is using off market compounded anti-protozoal medicine safe given there is no Marquis to be had anywhere?

I will post the test result directly to her case history.

Thank you!
Jessica and Khan
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