Re: Khan: advice for positive S. Fayeri test result

Jessica Gunderson

Answer re: symmetry - muscle wasting is not perfectly symmetrical but definitely on both sides and fairly equivalent. Its most pronounced in the croup, but also top of neck and around gaskin, the rest I think is just being underweight.

Answer re: insulin – was in the low 20s in January (non-fasting Cornell test), my vet gave me that via paper and I am terrible with paper, need everything digitally.

Answer re: video – of course, it may just take me some time as I need a helper to get a good video.

Answer re: test – I don’t know what 8 means either and my vet is not an expert so she is consulting with the SME on context and treatment, I also don’t know why they highlighted retest titers in 1 or 3 months as that seems like it is designed for retesting of treated horses but still waiting to hear back on my vet’s consultation with their SME on the test results/treatment. The test is done via blood draw.  I had the test run because Khan has been pretty much unresponsive to the ECIR protocol, she slightly reminded me of EPM horses I have seen and every now and again she has movement abnormalities that are not severe but mildly similar to neurological horses.

Answer re: Lymes – Khans Lymes test was negative, I need to get it from my vet they just called me on that one.

Jessica and Khan
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