Protocol for Re-testing ACTH

Barb McM and Gilligan

When I have Gilligan's ACTH re-tested, I need to take him off Pergolide for 3 weeks, correct?  Are there any side-effects of having him off (1 tab/day) for that long?  How important is it to have the vet come to the farm versus trailering Gil to the vet clinic (Gil loves to go places in the trailer)?  Will this be a TRH "challenge" test as when he was diagnosed? And do we do another Insulin Baseline test?  The equine clinic I used to use is no longer available to private horse owners (racetrack focus now), so I want to make sure I know what questions to ask when I set up an appointment with a new equine clinic. Thank you.
Barb McM in PA 2022 

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