Prascend Dosage Increase

Sherry LaMarche

I'm curious what the best way is to increase Prascend dosages.
I'm fostering a 29 yr old thoroughbred who is so bonded to
a 28 yr old that they become almost manic in their behaviors.
They have to be walked together in and out of the barn,
and the 29yr old is on 1tablet of Prascend and still has
a ACTH of 228.0 pg/mL. My vet is suggesting doubling the
Prascend and I'm concerned the mare may not be able
to handle it mentally.  She couldn't go outside due to an
ice storm and she was totally soaked with sweat from
weaving.  Are there alternatives or better ways to work
with this?  
Sherry L., SE Wisconsin, 2009 

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