Guidance needed on Jiaogulan

Sue Shaner

It has been 5 weeks since Ruby was cast, and we started trying to help her with an acute laminitis and founder episode. I have learned a great deal from this group, and have implemented most suggestions. However, I have a vet who has a great deal of experience with laminitis, and has his own ways of treating, that do not always coincide with recommendations here. Since she has a pretty severe case it is hard to go against his recommendations. And, I do need to have a vet working with her. He is the most experienced in our area.
I have updated her case study, but failed to note that she is also on Omeprazole, to help counteract effects of the bute. She could barely walk for weeks, and spent most of her time down. I'm afraid that it has taken the "big guns" to help her get more comfortable, but she finally picks her head up, makes turns, and spends more time up than down. 
Our vet taped on Ultimate shoes to her fronts five days ago. They seem to be helping her quite a bit, so today he came and glued them on for the next month. She is on bute and gabapentin. The gaba seems to be helping her, as well. As he put it, she finally appears to be getting stable. He likes the Ultimate, and said it has helped 80% of the difficult cases he has used them with. I tried her on several pain killers, including Phyto-quench DC, and this is the best combo we have found. My goal is to wean her, at some point, to the Phyto-quench DC. He said today that when he comes back in a month, he will draw blood to check on her metabolic status, and radiograph her feet again, to make sure she is growing sole. So, my current focus is on increasing blood flow to her legs. I do some light massage, and use her Catago wraps on cold days. I would like to start her on jiaogulan, if this is the right time. I know we are straying from some of the usual recommendations here, but I am trying to listen to my horse. She seems happy on stall rest, with deep shavings. We are still soaking hay, but hope to get a hay test out in the next few days. Besides what I noted on her case study for diet, is there anything else I should be doing to help her grow sole? My vet is very guarded about her chance of having a future, but I am hopeful. Thanks again for all of your help. Oh, and has anyone had a horse with a 9% rotation that became sound? Thank you, thank you.
Sue and Ruby, NE Utah, 2017
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